Top Challenges for Journal Publishers

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A Management Guide to Workflow and Keeping Up With the Industry

The journal publishing industry continues to evolve. While customers are still asking for the same product — the journal article — they want it in increasingly new places, different formats, with easier access, and faster. With so many stakeholders and steps to the journal publishing workflow, making improvements is no easy task.

Our management guide will help you answer five critical questions about your workflow, understand where you can make changes, and how to implement them.

  1. Are you making the best choices to support print and digital outputs?
  2. Are you keeping up with the move to mobile?
  3. Are you identifying formats, structures, and archiving procedures that can span centuries?
  4. Are you using editorial metrics to improve your workflow?
  5. Are you choosing the right partners and vendors?


journal publishing guide

A management guide to workflow and keeping up with the industry

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