Digitization and Preservation

Take your collections from physical to digital.

We’ve digitized millions of pages of historical content for libraries and archives around the world — in record time and with exceptional accuracy.
The digital era is redefining how museums engage with their audiences. As consumers demand greater, more streamlined digital access to information on their smartphones and tablets, cultural institutions must adapt.


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We are proud to work with world-class library digitization programs like these.


Digitization and OCR Services for Large-Scale Collections

Convert your collection to high-quality digital deliverables on-time and on-budget.

  • Non-destructive scanning
  • OCR
  • XML encoding
  • JPG, TIFF, XML, and PDF creation
  • Full-service inventory and project management

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Correctly Implement Current XML Encoding Standards

Anyone can use XML encoding standards, but not everyone can use them correctly. We’ve converted every conceivable type of physical or born digital content and work closely with our customers to ensure all standards are met.

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Metadata and Captioning

Capture technical and structural metadata to enhance the searchability and accessibility of your digitized assets. Page-level, article-level, or further enrich your constituents experience with deeper, more granular metadata at marginal extra effort and cost.

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Newspaper Digitization | National Digital Newspaper Program

Libraries are converting historic newspapers from microfilm more than any other medium.  Apex has digitized millions of pages of newspapers and is the preferred partner of the Library of Congress National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) working with over a dozen states to digitize their collections.

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