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Apex-designed technologies are the hallmarks of our unbeatable track record in customer satisfaction.


File management and delivery system, built for publishers by publishing professionals, which encapsulates over 30-years of expertise and addresses the challenges faced by the book publishing industry, like the security and fidelity of the manuscript throughout the entire production process. 

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PACE (Picture Analysis & Conversion Engine) enables authors to quickly and easily correct and convert images to publisher specifications in minutes, removing the need for tedious back-and-forth between authors and publishers to get the image format just right.

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Apex has digitized hundreds of millions of pages using IZAAC. A two-step algorithm breaks each page down to its component parts for meticulous reconstruction into your desired format.

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The driving force behind on-time project delivery and performance, cloud-based ProTrak manages every handoff during your project between your team and Apex.

Real-time Status Updates | Batch Reporting | Comprehensive Analytics

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