GIS Mapping and Engineering Services

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) experts specialize in creating and delivering highly specialized maps and geospatial databases for both public and private sector clients including Telecom, Electric distribution, Utilities, Oil and Gas.

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Leader in delivering complex
enterprise-wide GIS Solutions

Apex’s multi-discipline team is conversant on all leading Geospatial softwares including ESRI’s ArcGIS, GE Smallworld, Intergraph’s G/Tech, CIMAGE and proprietary CAD software platforms, ICGS, Byers EWO, SpatialNET, CableCAD, AutoCAD, Microstation and BSTCAD.

Our competency areas

Telecom & CATV Engineering Services
Broadband & Fiber Design Services
Data Migration, conflation and other GIS Services for Electric, Oil & Gas, Water & Sewage and Utilities

Telecom and CATV
Engineering Services

Our engineering design team consists of a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who offer a broad range of telecom engineering services for Cable, Telecom OSP, Wireless and CATV networks.

Apex uses a semi-automated process for conversion of data from legacy GIS systems to new database centric GIS systems. This enables the client realize unmatched quality and exceptionally high productivity at a low cost.

We can undertake following Engineering services to the client.

  • Conversion Services
  • Engineering Work Order
  • Network Design
  • As-built Updation
  • Conflation and Landbase Correction
  • Construction Drawings
  • F1/F2 Scrub Services

Broadband and Fiber Design
Engineering Services

Apex aims for designing next-generation fiber networks (NGN) to prospective customers globally, which offers triple play services to the end customers.

Our design engineers are capable of handling mission-critical fiber-optic networks. The project involves future-proof designs of fiber networks i.e. FTTN, FTTP, FTTCS serving broadband and 4G LTE mobile services.

Apex can undertake following services for Broadband engineering:

  • VRAD Design
  • Distribution Fiber Network Design
  • Local Fiber Network Design
  • Transit Fiber Network Design
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Cable Hauling
  • Splicing and Connectivity Diagram
  • Construction Drawings
  • As Built drawings

Data migration, Conflation and
other Geospatial Services

We have extensive experience in GIS database development for landbase mapping projects. Our GIS and mapping specialists have mapped millions of square miles of the data sets.

  • Data Acquisition and Database Creation
    • Facilities, landbase, and cadastral database creation from existing maps, records, legacy systems, and digital imagery
    • Migration of geospatial data from existing to new platforms
    • Integration of customer, commercial, asset, maintenance, and geospatial databases
  • Database Maintenance
    • Backlogged work order posting services
    • Real-time work order posting services
    • Data integrity analysis
    • Data purification and augmentation services
  • Field Inventory & Verification and Asset Inventory
    • Distribution and transmission field inventory
    • GPS asset location services
  • Technical Consulting
    • Development of integrated data models
    • Graphics database specification and design
    • Data acquisition planning
    • Development of conversion specifications

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