Training Databases for AI and ML

25 Years of Expertise in Data Labeling

Data labeling is an essential part of data preprocessing for Machine Learning (ML). Research firm Cognilytica found that data preparation and engineering tasks represent over 80% of the time consumed in most AI and ML projects.

The need for high-quality data labeling has never been greater, and with over 25 Years of experience delivering high-quality data labeling and data conversion services, Apex CoVantage has the expertise and resources to help you build production models faster and with greater accuracy.

Apex can Data Label:






Why Apex?

Retained Teams

Unlike crowdsourced solutions, Apex has a dedicated workforce ready to tackle any labeling project, regardless of complexity. This ensures your data is labeled by a trained workforce, familiar with your specific requirements.

Quality Assurance

At Apex, quality is built into our workflow at every step. Apex’s 3-tier quality program including Inline QC, Process QA, and Product QA recognizes that quality starts with the production design and ends with the delivery of a final product that exceeds our customers’ standards.

Customer Success

Apex is dedicated to ensuring your project is a success every step of the way. You will receive a dedicated onshore account manager to ensure that all of your requirements are met and that you are satisfied with the results.


Data Labeling Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Customer Services Automation
  • Document Processing
  • Geospatial Applications
  • Insurance Industry
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Retail Automation
  • Sentiment Analysis

Apex knows that getting high-quality data is paramount for successful production learning models.

With our World-Class labeling teams around the globe, Apex will deliver the highest quality data for the lowest possible cost.


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