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The State of Production Automation and Workflow Modernization

White Paper

The Influence of Workflow and Automation in Publishing

How are today’s publishers responding to the constantly changing demands of our industry? Which technologies are they adopting to streamline their workflows and produce content on multiple platforms?

How widely throughout the industry have XML-first workflows been adopted?

And what are publishers’ plans for the future on these and other topics?

At last, you can get answers to these and many other questions. The Apex CoVantage Publisher Survey asked professionals around the world to describe their production processes, automation systems, technology adoption, and more.

And our latest white paper dives into the data to offer context and guidance.  In it, you’ll discover:

• Publishers’ most pressing goals and top challenges
• The automation advancements they’ve adopted, and those they’re trying to add
• The challenges they’re facing with manuscript submission and author relations
• Their adoption of XML-first workflows

Plus, you’ll hear directly from publishing professionals about what’s happening inside their own operations. And you’ll discover solutions that exist right now to solve some of publishers’ greatest challenges.

Don’t miss your chance to discover how our industry is adapting to change – and how your progress compares.

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