Accessibility in Higher Education

White Paper

How standards and services can help deal with a critical, urgent, and complex issue

Nowhere is the issue of accessibility more critical, more urgent, and more complex than in higher education.

All too often we think that now that publishing is digital, most books “just work” in that regard. They don’t. According to Benetech, a leading nonprofit that provides accessibility resources and services, “More than 90% of published materials are inaccessible to people with dyslexia or blindness.”

In this white paper we will explore how higher education institutions are looking at accessibility including:

  • What it takes to remediate texts for accessibility
  • The broad range of course content today
  • Legal requirements
  • The role of the DSS office
  • Current accessibility standards
  • Practical advice on approaching accessibility

Accessibility makes content better and systems better for everybody. Learn more about accessible publications and the changing accessibility landscape in higher education.


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