Media + Advertising

Programmatic advertising and operations

Meet your customers in the right place, at the right time.

Programmatic advertising gives you the flexibility and precision to get your brand in front of the right audience wherever they are. Apex helps you navigate the complex buying and selling process and execute compelling advertising campaigns that deliver results.


Advertising + Operations Solutions

Full-service support for strategy, implementation, reporting and analysis of programmatic advertising programs.


Order Fulfillment

    • Proposal/insertion order creation
    • Order booking and workflow management
    • Ad trafficking and scheduling
    • Invoice processing



    • Design
    • Optimization
    • Workflow management
    • Asset storage


    • Campaign setup
    • Upload ads and third party tags
    • Testing and QA
    • SEO and SEM

Reporting + Analytics

    • In-flight campaign progress
    • Post-performance analysis
    • Web analytics
    • Social media analytics
    • Ad forecasting


    • Page layout
    • Placement and position schedule management
    • Reporting + analytics
    • Pricing analytics


    • Dedicated customer helpdesk
    • Sales helpdesk
    • Library services

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Why Programmatic

Optimize your advertising strategy

See the exact websites that are displaying your advertisements,

A profile of the potential customer viewing it,

And the associated costs – all in real time. 

Immediate access to key metrics makes it easy for us to optimize your creative and overall strategy to maximize reach, engagement, and ultimately, revenue.

Powerful analytics and reporting

Evaluate the performance of individual pieces of creative or an entire campaign. Gain immediate insight into your target audience. We capture and analyze key metrics at a granular level to improve performance.

Target the right customers

Only 2% of customers convert from their first digital interaction. Our detailed targeting and retargeting capabilities help you connect with interested visitors and turn them into customers. We can focus your campaign by IP address, geolocation, contextual keywords, behavior, and more.

Run a high-performing advertising strategy

More marketers are turning to programmatic advertising to maximize their advertising budget and gain deeper insight into their customers. Apex unique approach to quality and workflow ensures each campaign is running at total efficiency, reaching only those ideal targeting customers, while using the budget effectively.

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Programmatic Advertising and Operations