End-to-End Book Production Platform

File management and delivery system, built for publishers by publishing professionals, which encapsulates over 30-years of expertise and addresses the challenges faced by the book publishing industry, like the security and fidelity of the manuscript throughout the entire production process. 

The Platform

Designed to be transparent and efficient, the PubHub platform is characterized by:

Security – Manuscript files are stored in encrypted form on PubHub’s private cloud

Version Control – Files are delivered to the user, ensuring bullet-proof version control

Quality Checks – Access to the next task only after the previous task has been certified for quality



End-to-End Solution

We designed a book production platform with two concepts in mind:

ForcedMarch Workflow – The manuscript is served up for the next task only after the previous task has been certified for quality

Collaborative WorkSpace – Authors, Publishers, Copyeditors and Indexers all work within PubHub’s user-friendly, convenient work system for an improved experience and faster, better outcomes. 


For Publishers

A platform of services and tools that reinvents the book production process for publishers and their teams, with benefits like:

Up to 30% cost reduction with GoodProcess™ rewards 

Over 50% reduction in production time

API Integration with internal systems

Publisher dashboard – for transparency and schedule control

Assured metadata accuracy

For Authors

PubHub was created with the author in mind, as a way to simplify their work and offer benefits like: 

Editing manuscripts directly in Word

PubINDEX ™ – highly efficient indexing tool

PubPACE™ – ensures images conform to publisher’s specs

Books produced in weeks, not months

Up to $175 in GoodProcess™ rewards

Our Features

Eliminates one of the biggest inefficiencies of current processes that often consumes weeks of time – the back and forth between the publisher and the production vendor to ensure that specifications are complete and all the source files are received.
PubBATCH is an API-enabled interface for providing comprehensive specifications and source files to the production vendor.

Authors are best suited to create the index for their work and PubINDEX gives them a real option of doing so.
Uber-efficient tool for creating indexes with true two-way linking. PubINDEX gives the indexer a dynamic, drag-and-drop interface for reorganizing the hierarchy of the index while maintaining the integrity of the links – a critical cognitive step not supported by any existing indexing software.

Over 30,000 authors have used PubPACE to pre-process their images before submitting their manuscript to a publisher.
PubPACE is a highly automated image conversion & validation engine which ensures that all images conform to the publisher’s specifications.

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