November 4, 2019

The Launch of PubHub at the 2019 Frankfurt Buchmesse

PubHub, a File management and delivery system, built for publishers by publishing professionals, which encapsulates over 30-years of expertise and addresses the challenges faced by the book publishing industry, like the security and fidelity of the manuscript throughout the entire production process – was launched at the 2019 Frankfurt Buchmesse.

PubHub was created by industry experts in ForcedMarch™ Workflow with 30-years of experience and over 10,000+ books produced per year.

The PubHub Concept
PubHub replaces outdated, error-prone, and recursive processes with a streamlined ForcedMarch™ Workflow which utilizes the latest technology and encapsulates 30-years of pre-press experience to offer publishers and authors a quantum leap in efficiency and schedule while reducing costs.

The platform was designed by the creators of ForcedMarch™ Workflow with over 30 years of experience as technology-led suppliers of prepress, data conversion, editorial, and content enhancement services to publishers, libraries, and owners of large content collections worldwide.

How it works

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