July 23, 2020

PubHub Tech Announces New Technology for the Publishing Industry

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PubHub Tech Announces New Technology for the Publishing Industry

From an end-to-end platform for book production to individual apps, PubHub Tech’s offerings are set to make book publishing faster, easier and more economical – all while improving quality

NEW YORK, July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PubHub Tech, a leading publishing software and workflow management company, today announces two technology tools that solve common pain points in the publishing industry: PubHub and PubSUITE.

The publishing industry continues to rely on old-school approaches in each step of the book production process. Manuscripts are traditionally sent back and forth between publishers, copy editors, the production team and authors – a cumbersome system with numerous opportunities for errors and wrong files to be delivered in the book production process. Manuscripts are handled in a “wide-open” mode, creating a high probability of typos or grammatical errors slipping through. PubHub Tech not only solves these problems, but also speeds up the production process. While traditional book production can take three to four months, PubHub Tech can reduce that time to six to eight weeks.

PubHub Tech brings to market the in-house technology tools used for over 30 years by Apex CoVantage, a leading provider of prepress services. PubHub Tech has refined these tools and processes and is now making these technology solutions available to the entire industry – solutions built by publishing professionals, for publishing professionals.

PubHub Tech’s solutions meet the needs of a publisher or pre-press service vendor that wants a full platform, or an individual who wants to make a single process easier and faster to complete.


PubHub is an end-to-end book publishing platform that ensures the security and fidelity of manuscripts throughout the entire production process. It is a collaborative workspace where publishers, authors, copy editors and indexers can all work directly in Microsoft Word for an improved experience with faster and better outcomes. PubHub has a dedicated app for the most important steps in the publishing process, including indexing, image conversion, manuscript consistency, page layouts and more. An API integrates PubHub to a publisher’s existing internal system.

PubHub reduces production time by more than 50% from the industry standard and reduces production costs by up to 30%.

In addition, publishing teams stay on track with ForcedMarch™ Workflow, which monitors each task throughout the publishing process, assigning a manuscript for the next task only after the previous task has been completed and certified for quality. PubLOCK™, a patent-pending technology, also aids publishers in managing files. This tool only makes relevant parts of manuscripts available in each production step for complete version control.

PubHub will be available for licensing to publishers and other prepress service providers in the fall.


PubSUITE is a portfolio of productivity tools created to improve the critical steps in the book publishing process – many of the same tools in PubHub, but available individually or as a package. This allows publishers, indexers, authors, students, faculty and others to pick the app or apps that meet their needs. Four licensing models will be available: individual, professional, business and enterprise.

The first PubSUITE app slated for release is PubINDEX™, which dramatically simplifies the indexing process, virtually eliminating typing through its powerful drag-n-drop technology. Indexing time is reduced by 50% or more with modern, user-friendly features like dynamic alphabetization, reorganizing the index hierarchy, and creating see and see also entries on the fly with the click of a mouse and without any re-typing.

PubINDEX is expected to be available for licensing later this month.

“While technology keeps advancing in other industries, publishing, particularly in the book production space, still remains very manual and antiquated. At PubHub Tech, we are increasing productivity by developing technologies that strike the optimal balance between the processing power of the computer and the cognitive power of the human mind,” said Dr. Shashi Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO of PubHub Tech. “After analyzing the pain points and the most time-consuming aspects of publishing, we developed PubHub and PubSUITE to reduce production times, costs and the possibility of errors while increasing efficiency.”

For more information on PubHub Tech, visit pubhubtech.com.

About PubHub Tech

Founded in 2019 by Apex CoVantage, PubHub Tech is the maker of PubHub, an end-to-end publishing platform, and PubSUITE, a collection of SaaS applications developed to meet the needs of individuals and publishers. PubHub Tech encapsulates over 30 years of expertise and addresses the challenges faced by the book publishing industry, including streamlining book production process between authors and publishers in a secure, user-friendly platform.

About Apex CoVantage
Apex CoVantage is a technology-led supplier of prepress, data conversion, editorial, and content enhancement services to publishers, libraries, and owners of large content collections worldwide. Founded in 1988 by Shashikant and Margaret Gupta, Apex is rooted in the ability to remove friction from processes. Our technologies and systems leverage Human Process Engineering to provide effective, cost-efficient solutions to our customers who own or create huge amounts of content – from manuscripts to photos and videos and everything in-between. By balancing leading technology and broad industry expertise, Apex delivers exceptional content and media solutions to its customers. Apex has been managing large-scale content projects around the world for nearly 30 years.

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