March 22, 2016

The BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing: Moving Inclusion Forward

BISG | Press Release

The groundbreaking BISG Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing is now available for download. The guide serves as the model for best practices in creating accessible digital content for those who live with disabilities, in compliance with international standards, while illustrating why this is a good business practice that will positively impact publishers’ and their partners’ bottom line. Some of the features of the Guide include:

  • Available in EPUB 3 format
  • Written in clear, non-technical language
  • Translated into 4 languages (French, Spanish, German, and Italian) and available soon in Korean
  • FREE download


“It’s a terrific publication that you can depend on for solid information about accessibility of digital publications.”  

-George Kerscher, President of the IDPF and Chief Innovations Officer of the DAISY Consortium

“The Quick Start Guide will both demystify accessibility and demonstrate how making publications accessible makes them better for all users. It promises to become the go‐to resource, the first place to turn for any accessibility-related issue.” 

-Bill Kasdorf, VP and Principal Consultant, Apex Content and Media Solutions, and Chair, BISG Content Structure Committee.

“BISG is thrilled to have had the opportunity to nurture the development of the Guide through our Accessibility Working Group. This is an important first step in encouraging best practices that will make content more available to all people.”

– Mark Kuyper, BISG Executive Director

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