May 4, 2017

Bill Kasdorf to keynote NISO virtual conference | May 17

Bill Kasdorf, Apex Vice President and Principal Consultant, will be keynoting the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) virtual conference titled Convergence: The Web and Publishing on to the Web. An excerpt from the NISO website below outlines the themes of this year’s keynote.


Bill Kasdorf, Apex VP and Principal Consultant, head shotThe Web Imperative: How Web Technologies Are Transforming the Publishing Ecosystem

Keynote Presentation by Bill Kasdorf
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 11:10 a.m. EST

Until very recently, publishing technology and web technology developed largely in parallel. Although the Web became essential for communication and commerce, it had very little impact on the nature of publications and how they were produced. That’s rapidly changing. Increasingly, web technologies have become essential to all parts of the publishing ecosystem. The convergence of publishing and the Web over the past few years passed a major milestone this year when the IDPF became part of the W3C and its EPUB family of standards became first class citizens of the Web. The Publishing@W3C initiative is designed to ensure that the wealth of features and functionality offered by the Open Web Platform are advanced to address the needs of professional publishing and complex publications that work both online and offline. And this is not just about publications; it’s also about platforms and processes. Today’s educational platforms are richly interactive, providing multimedia and assessment features that dramatically improve the educational experience. The move toward open source, standards-based software results in tools and systems that enable publishers to avoid the costs and risks associated with proprietary systems. All of this is designed to have accessibility built in. At the heart of the convergence is interoperability: breaking down the barriers that create so much friction in the publishing supply chain, streamlining everything about how we create, produce, disseminate, discover, and consume publications. In this session, Bill Kasdorf will provide an insider’s view of this exciting and dynamic new publishing landscape.

View the full conference program and registration information on the NISO website here.

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