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Count on us to make your EPUB files accessible for all readers and easily achieve your compliance goals.

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Accessible EPUB 3 Conversion

We have converted millions of ebooks for publishers and content providers around the world. Whether you are just getting started or need help with your existing conversion project, Apex can convert your existing ebooks / EPUB files to accessible EPUB3 – quickly and on budget.

Born-accessible EPUB3

Our expertise related to document accessibility in Section 508 Refresh, Directive (EU) 2019/882, and WCAG 2.1 is the foundation on which we build our born-digital and digital remediation services for EPUB3 and other documents such as PDF, Indesign, Word, PPT, etc. We will ensure every publication you produce is born-accessible.

Our Capabilities

Digital Remediation

Convert Existing EPUB 1
or 2 to EPUB3

Create Born-accessible
EPUB3 / ebooks

EPUB Accessibility

Alternative text
(Alt text)

Design New Accessible

Why Apex?

GAA Certified

  • Apex is a Global Certified Accessible (GCA) vendor and a technical partner with Benetech
  • Experienced ADA, Section 504 and 508 document compliance specialists on staff
  • 30+ years of professional expertise and agility to manage any large-scale content project
  • Strict quality control procedures ensure accuracy, consistency, and security
  • Reliable services at competitive epub conversion prices


Accessibility in Higher Education

How standards and services can help deal with a critical, urgent, and complex issue

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