Digital Transformation: Success Stories

Expanding reach and engagement through the digitization of valuable collections

Libraries, archives, and museums, large and small, have opened their most interesting, historic, and precious collections to the world through the power of digitization. However, creating world-class digital products is a complex and technical task.

In this series, learn how leading institutions like JSTOR, the University of Virginia’s Rotunda, and the Library of Congress have approached some of their most difficult digitization challenges including:

  • Digitizing complex languages like Hebrew and Latin
  • Incorporating metadata in multiple languages
  • Converting historic books and handwritten papers to TEI XML standards
  • Monetizing high volumes of archived photos, slides, and negatives with detailed metadata
  • Efficiently meeting strict digitization standards on tight budgets and timelines

For over three decades, Apex CoVantage has served as the silent partner behind many of the world’s largest publishers, state and national libraries, museums, and technology companies. We’d love to partner with you, too.

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