Digital publishing expertise for the future-ready publisher.

The way users consume content has changed. Are you keeping up?

Traditional publishing has been completely transformed by the mobile era. We are no longer focused on just producing pages in a book or journal, but on delivering experiences through all kinds of formats, devices, and platforms – books, websites, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and whatever comes next. Are your systems agile enough to keep up with the pace of change?

If entrenched workflows based on old methods and older technology are holding you back, Apex can help with XML workflow and content management consulting.


Stay on the cutting edge of publishing technology

We make it our job to know what is happening—and what’s about to happen—in digital publishing and help our clients understand and adopt technologies that are revolutionizing the business.

Streamline Workflows

Outdated processes slow down your products and people. We can help you streamline workflows to publish faster, reduce rework, keep you competitive, and improve your bottom line.

Meet our Lead Consultant

Greg Suprock_head of solutions architecture at ApexGreg Suprock
Head of Solutions Architecture

Greg Suprock leads the design and implementation of innovative software technologies and production systems for Apex large-scale, high-volume publishing clients. Greg has over 20 years of experience in XML workflows, content management, web application development, and prepress. He has a track record of introducing positive change and exploiting disruptive technology and is recognized for his novel approach to problem-solving. Greg regularly works with large publishers, service providers, and libraries including PLOS, JSTOR, HighWire Press, the British Library, and the National Library of Australia.

About Greg

Our Approach

An updated workflow has to work for everybody—your staff, your partners, your customers . . . and your budget. That’s why we are dedicated to a partnership approach, understanding the full scope of how changes will affect your organization. This holistic view keeps you from fixing one thing and inadvertently breaking another.


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