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Apex-designed technologies are utilized to streamline workflow and process for efficiency, optimization, and ROI. They are the hallmarks of our unbeatable track record in customer satisfaction.


The driving force behind on-time project delivery and performance, cloud-based ProTrak manages every handoff during your project between your team and Apex.

Real-time Status Updates | Batch Reporting | Comprehensive Analytics

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Apex’s internal operations are controlled and managed here. We manage recruiting, hiring, training, work assignment, and measurement tasks. Tight control over the smallest details ensures we maximize every resource and transfer cost savings to our customers.


Apex has digitized hundreds of millions of pages using IZAAC. A two-step algorithm breaks each page down to its component parts for meticulous reconstruction into your desired format.

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Build a powerful directory of enriched profiles or add granular metadata to millions of photographs using WebMind, a semi-automated webcrawler that gives you the cleanest, most relevant data sets.


Ensures the quality of your digital products and your peace of mind. In the final layer of the quality process, cloud-based ProQual is customized for clients to provide an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable certification test for digital products.


Managing freelancers isn’t easy. Our Global Editorial Management System (GEMS) streamlines management of editorial staff dispersed throughout the world.

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