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One Solution Ahead

At Apex CoVantage we are human process engineering experts. Our award-winning software solutions prove that balancing the cognitive power and creativity of the human mind with the processing power of computers delivers the most effective, efficient results.


The world’s leading publishers have trusted Apex to create, enhance, and digitize their content assets for more than 25 years.

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Libraries & Archives

Libraries across the globe choose Apex to digitize their collections — driving preservation and improving access & constituency engagement.

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Media & Entertainment

Some 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. Are you positioned to stand out in today’s data deluge?

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Museums & Cultural Institutions

The digital era is redefining how museums and cultural institutions engage with their audiences.

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Apex CoVantage is a different type of company

About Apex CoVantage

We’ve had a different approach since day one—and different results.

At Apex, we don’t measure success by the hours worked, but by solutions that work. Integrity, human dignity, creativity and an unwavering pursuit of excellence are the defining characteristics of our business. This has been Apex’s philosophy for over a quarter century, and has propelled us to be not only one step ahead, but one solution ahead in what we deliver to our customers.

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