Simplify image checking in your publishing workflow

On-Demand Webinar

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Is your publishing workflow stalled by an overwhelming number of image quality discrepancies from author-submitted files? Learn how you can streamline image checking and reduce the number of discrepancies by up to 80%.

In this on-demand webinar, originally recorded on May 23, 2017 webinar, Greg Suprock, Head of Solutions Architecture at Apex, shared:

  • Workflow best practices for tackling images
  • How to automate preparation of images using Apex’s PACE software
  • How to integrate an image checking tool into your existing systems
  • Results from publishers who have successfully automated image checking

Simplifying image checking is a simple, cost-effective change that will improve your authors’ overall experience and help you publish faster.

About the Speaker

Greg Suprock_head of solutions architecture at ApexGreg Suprock
As the head of solutions architecture at Apex CoVantage, Greg Suprock is responsible for the design and implementation of software technologies and production systems to support Apex customers’ long-term goals. Greg works with large publishers, service providers, and libraries, including PLOS, Taylor and Francis, JSTOR, HighWire Press, Condé Nast, the British Library, and the National Library of Medicine. Greg is a member of the SSP Education Committee and currently serves as an at-large member on the SSP Board of Directors.


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