How a popular news site tripled its article output



A niche-market news website was growing faster than it could scale. Thousands of news announcements were pouring in, but each required a custom-written, objective abstract before it could be published on the website.

This task was monopolizing the staff’s ability to focus on other higher-level, revenue-driving business functions. Supplementing production through outsourcing was a logical solution, but high article volume and complex style guidelines required a specialized partner.


Eager to publish faster and create bandwidth for internal staff, the news site partnered with Apex Content & Media Solutions. Apex immediately initiated a collaborative training process to bring Apex writers up to speed on the technical style guidelines.

In less than six months, Apex was able to meet or exceed all of the customer’s quality standards and began managing the writing and review process directly. Article production skyrocketed following the transition. Internal editors had the freedom and peace of mind to focus on driving revenue and expanding the business.


The success of the outsourcing experiment led to:

  • 3x more articles published per month, from 700 to 2,300
  • Reduced cost per story Increased online advertising across the website
  • Expanded customer base through faster time to publish
  • New bandwidth for existing employees to innovate and expand editorial services

Apex’s innovative processes and highly experienced writers were instrumental in mastering the customer’s complex style guidelines, significantly increasing output, and ultimately driving the business forward.

Creating high-volumes of quality content, and quickly, can be a challenge. Working with Apex can ease the burden. Contact us to learn more.

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