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December 13, 2017

What Your Peers are Saying About Production Automation and Workflow Modernization

The changing demands of today’s consumers are challenging modern publishers. The arrival of online content disrupted the status quo, requiring traditional book and journal publishers to modernize their workflows and production processes.

To find out how those in the industry — both journal and book publishers — are adjusting their workflow and production processes to stay profitable and competitive, we recently conducted an industry survey. The result is our new white paper, The State of Production Automation and Workflow Modernization. It sheds light on how your peers are handling vexing automation problems, time-to-publication, the use of XML-first workflows, and more.

A few noteworthy data points:

Unsurprisingly, 41 percent of publishers cited adaptability to meet new eProduct requirements as one of their greatest production challenges. Additional challenges included the need to make multiple processes, redundancy in creating multiple formats, and quality of products.

About half of publishers have implemented some form of automation technology for their editorial processes, and two out of three respondents said they’re satisfied with the production automation systems they’re currently using. Yet more than two-thirds of respondents intend to implement more automation in the next six months. The reason? Publishers don’t always change their workflow when adopting new automation technology.

In this white paper, you’ll also learn how your industry peers:

  • Have benefitted from automation in publishing production
  • Plan to add automation advancements over the next year
  • Rank automation and workflow priorities

Are you facing some of these same challenges? Curious as to how you’re keeping up with the pace of change in the publishing industry?

Download “The State of Production Automation and Workflow Modernization” today.

About Pardha Karamsetty

Pardha Karamsetty has been associated with Apex CoVantage for over twenty years. He currently serves as President of Apex Content and Media Solutions and CEO of Apex CoVantage India. Mr. Karamsetty was responsible for opening several of Apex’s world-class production facilities in India before moving to the U.S. He also leads the expansion of Apex’s content and media services for publishers, libraries and content creators. He spent over five years heading operations at Columbia Books & Information Services, a publisher of online databases. He continues to serve on its Board of Directors. Mr. Karamsetty has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s in Industrial Engineering. He was a TQM & ISO9000 consultant and a Merchant Banker prior to joining Apex in 1996. Mr. Karamsetty has been instrumental in developing Apex’s track record of quality, customer satisfaction, innovation, and operational excellence.

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