In the competitive publishing landscape, there is no room for error. That’s why the world’s leading publishers trust Apex with prepress services, workflow design, and more to create, enhance, and transform their content assets in record time with exceptional accuracy.

Publishing Production & Editorial

We provide a full scope of behind-the-scenes production and project management services to move your content from final copy through publishing. Our XML-first processes and built-in quality controls ensure faster time to market for publishers.

Digital Formatting | Typesetting | Artwork + Design | Indexing

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Content Development, Enhancement, and Optimization

Need to generate large amounts of content quickly and accurately? Apex can help. Our content creation and editing expertise covers a wide range of technical, scientific, engineering, and medical areas. We can also polish your finished copy with our teams of seasoned editors and proofreaders.

Writing | Copyediting + Proofreading | Abstracting | Indexing | Cataloging | Transcribing | Captioning | Recording

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Digital Publishing Consulting

Stay on the cutting edge of publishing technology. We are no longer focused on only producing pages in a book, but on all kinds of platforms – books, websites, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, websites and more. Apex consultants develop agile workflow solutions that adapt to this ever-evolving industry.

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Metadata and Searchability

Is your content equipped with powerful metadata to drive organic search and recommendations? Apex will create original metadata and captions, extract and improve existing metadata, or normalize what exists on your content for improved efficiency, visibility, and ROI.

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Content Digitization

Make your content easy to access in today’s digital world. We digitize books, journals, textbooks, magazines, microfilm, and more. We’re equipped to handle even the most delicate collections. Publications, images, and special collections are carefully preserved and made searchable for maximum ROI.

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Retained Teams

Where are the bottlenecks and pain points in your business that keep your staff from working on what brings you the maximum ROI? Let Apex focus on the tasks that are holding your organization back.

Our global specialists act as an extension of your team, working remotely without the overhead.

Data Manipulation | Extraction, Transformation, and Loading | In-House Metadata Tagging | Customer Support | Software Support