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Matthew Boryczka

Matthew Boryczka
Board of Directors

Matthew BoryczkaMatthew Boryczka is a member of the Apex CoVantage Board of Directors. Mr. Boryczka graduated from Colorado State University (CSU) with a bachelor’s degree in Botany. He traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia. On his return to the US, he joined Apex’s Content and Media Solutions Division as a Solutions Designer where he analyzed workflows for opportunities to introduce automation, and helped to develop a highly-efficient, technology-centric solution for transforming scholarly manuscripts into online publications. In Spring 2016, Mr. Boryczka returned to CSU to pursue a PhD in synthetic biology. His research involves developing a bi-stable positive feedback circuit, utilizing various synthetic transcriptional parts and schematic models and developing a transient whole-plant assay to quantitatively characterize parts for plant synthetic biology.